AI2 Round Two Results

What I really want to post about is how sore I am from my hard day’s work yesterday. I mean, I’m in PAIN, people. My feet are swollen to twice their size, my back feels like it’s been run over by a milk truck, and I’ve got a headache splitting my skull in half.

But I know that’s not what you care about.

You want to know my thoughts on the picks from last night. Well, I have none. I thought that Ruben was a shoo-in, and I knew Kimberly Locke would probably get it. I was gratified to see Clay Aiken in solid third though – good shot for him to get a wildcard spot.

In other news, by now you know that Frenchie Davis is not going to be participating anymore. Apparently she took some photos for an adult mag a few years ago and so AI opted to have her leave. Supposedly she told them up front about the pictures, and supposedly they are the ones that leaked the news to the press in the first place, but either way, she’s been replaced and will not be appearing next week.

*goes off to find something in which to soak her feet despite the fact that she’s at work*

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  1. you think you are swollen now? Wait a few more weeks!!!Trust me you don’t feel like you got hit by a truck…wait until you get home from the hospital!!! The fun has not nearly begun my sweet Jaynee!! By the way going back to work is not fun either!

    Rich Astley…you and Jen would have been so much fun to know in the 80’s!!! (visions of Romy and Michelle dance in my head!!!)

  2. Jaynee – I forgot about those 2. (I’ll let you guess which ones…)

    Tara – did you catch any of the I Love the 80s shows on VH-1? We were total 80s chicks… *rueful laugh* …but we’re much smarter than Romy and Michelle. *smirk*

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