AI2 Results

Well, I was pretty let down by last night’s results show. I support the bottom three (Kimberly Locke, Trenyce, Carmen Whats-Her-Name) – although I only put Carmen in there because she’s so INconsistent and needs to be voted out anyway. Josh should have been in Carmen’s place.

However, WHAT A RIPOFF when they announced that because Corey Clark was booted they opted to not have ANYONE go last night. No wonder they had so much filler throughout the entire episode. They knew they were going to piss people off and decided to wait as long as possible to make this admission.

But what’s weird is that they are sort of “penalizing” the bottom three by KEEPING their scores from Disco Night and ADDING the ranking to what they score next week. Which puts them at a real disadvantage compared to the others. Kind of not fair, if you ask me.

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  1. No, they’re keeping the votes of ALL of them to be calculated with next week’s votes. At least, that’s how I understood it.

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