AI2 Recap

Jooo-lia is so out of there tonight. Her rendition of “Flashdance” was miserably inept and I felt like it was “Bad 80s Karaoke” night.

I still think Corey is a horrible singer when he gets in the upper range. During the first half of his song I was actually starting to change my mind – he was singing in a lower register and sounded FABULOUS. However, the latter half of the song ended up being more high-pitched screeching and Randy had the nerve to actually COMPLIMENT him on singing in the upper register! I was horrified that they were encouraging him to continue singing like that. Which makes me dread his performances in the next few weeks.

Rooo-ben had me at hello, though. He was amazing and at this point he needs to win. He’s phenomenal. But Note to Ryan: Stop sucking up to Rooo-ben so much, man. You shouldn’t be playing favorites – you’re the HOST.

Clay did well too, but not as well as Rooo-ben. That last high note was a stretch – although once he latched on to it, he sounded great.

And YEE HAW for Joshua Gracin – I love that he can make ANY song sound country (can’t wait for Disco week next week either), and God Bless Simon for not picking on him for being himself. I have a feeling that even if he gets booted from AI2, some country music label will pick up Joshua for themselves.

My picks for bottom three: Jooo-lia DeMato, Carmen What’s-Her-Name, and Corey. Although I know the bottom three will most likely be Jooo-lia DeMato, Carmen What’s-Her-Name, and Charles Grigsby, who received the funniest commentary from Simon (“50,000 movies to choose from, and you pick The Wiz“).

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  1. I didn’t actively watch, so I can’t say anything specific. But from what I caught last night you are right on the money.

    I love, love, love Joshua – but I love country music. I thought he did a great job. He should be on Nashville Star!

  2. I missed Clay, Corey and Reuben last night but think that Julia will be the one to get the boot. Joshua was awesome! He IS star material for sure.

  3. i agree. julia was definitely the worst one last night. bleh. although she IS pretty cute. singing is just not her thing. and like you, i’m also rooting for Reuben! 🙂

  4. Julia looked as scared as I’ve ever seen anyone on that show. Her eyes said, “Please vote me off of this island. I want you to extinguish my torch so I can go back to tawny Connecticut and tease hair once again.”

    I like country music too but Joshua didn’t do much for me. Nothing original. I want to hear the next Johnnie Cash or Randy Travis. Joshua is just another country signer to me. He just happens to know how to fire an M-16. Although I’m guessing most country signers can handle themselves around fire arms.


  6. Joshua Gracin is awsum. He sang “Don’t want to miss a thing” perfectly in my opinion. I even went to and downloaded his singing of it on AI. I hope he will be the next new country star, someone HAS to pick him up, they would be stupid if they didn’t.

  7. I think Joshua Gracin would be the BEST American Idol b/c he is appealing to look at and to hear. Plus he is definitely a Teen heart-throb. He has it ALL and I cannot wait until they finally say that he IS the AMERICAN IDOL!!!

  8. I think Josh is going to go far, whether he is picked for AI or not. Can’t wait to see Julia and Carmen voted off. And I am so tired of seeing Kimberly hang all over every guy on there…Hope she is voted off soon too!!Hated to see Charles go, he was a real crowd pleaser.

    My picks for the top 3 – Roo-ben, Clay, and Josh.

  9. i have to agree w/ nikki and nicole. josh is so fine and i love country music. but he does have compition w/ clay and ruben. but all and all he is the best to my hole family. he’s sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!

  10. josh would be who i would pick 4 AI. He looks good. i can’t wait to watch it tonight i wonder what josh will sing. as soon as its over im goin on kazaa to download the video and the song so i can listen to him whenever i can. if he doesn’t win i either want josh or ruben to. i thought that corey would get kicked off. he can’t sing in my opinion. he started out better than he ended last week. at first i thought julia would get kicked off but when she got sent back to the couch i could have sworn corey would get kicked off. paula was right when she said she was shocked that charles was down there. he is such a people pleaser. he shuld have wen farther

  11. Josh is awesome!! I love him soooo much. I seriously hope that if he doesn’t make it in AI, that some other record company will pick him up!! He rocks!!!!!!!

  12. Josh is the best one on AI He seriously has the total package! Hes sooo hot Good luck Josh! You got it all baby!

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