AI2 — Not a Great Ending

Is it just me or did they pick some horrible songs to sing for the final episode? One slow number after the next. If it was possible to make “Here, There and Everywhere” sound any more like a dirge than it already does, Clay pulled it off wonderfully. And I thought last week’s “Vincent” was going to knock him out of the competition. And his rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was a whiter shade of pale compared to the Art Garfunkel-led original.

Neither performer did anything interesting last night. It was like the last round of a heavy-weight fight and each fighter had given his all for the preceeding 14 rounds and had nothing left. Sure Clay still had the goovy smile and squint. You can see he realizes every few seconds when he’s going into squint mode and he pops up his eyes wide and bright. Very funny.

And Roo-ben better lose some of those extra 205 pounds he’s carrying around, otherwise he’s heading for a short career as an American Idol with a future heart attack around the corner. The guy doesn’t move around on stage and he’s sweating like he just finished a marathon.

Jaynee and I were going to vote — for the first time — last night but we had baby things to do and never got the chance. I think I would have thrown my vote Roo-ben’s way. I think he was the most consistent throughout the contest. And he seems real compared to Clay who knows to smile when he’s supposed to smile, cock his head when he’s supposed to cock his head, and purse his lips and look humble when he’s supposed to look humble. He seems like he’s always performing. I like Roo-ben’s sincerity.

We’ll see who wins it all tonight. It could go either way. I think we have to judge the singers on their past performances and disregard last night’s embarassment. And could the judges throw around any more false praise? If I hear “That was your best performance yet.” one more time, I’m switching channels to watch “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.”

We went over to Ace and Anthony’s place last night to watch the finale, so I didn’t have control of the remote. I think it was CG’s first visit to another home, and she slept through the entire visit. Good thing, since I left the diaper bag on the couch at home. Oops!

Monday was Ace’s birfday and we celebrated by having him cook lots of wonderful appetizers for us and by eating a cake Jaynee had inscribed Happy Birthday David. Who’s David? We also gave him a gift certificate to Best Buy. DVDs, CDs, and electronics. What more could a boy want?

Anyway let’s see who wins AI2 tonight and find out if the rumors are true. Are they going to make the movie “From Clay to Ruben”?

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  1. BTW, the bunnies have left the nest. There were three out of six huddled there last night when I checked and this morning, all gone. *wipes tears* At least we don’t have to watch Cooper in the backyard anymore.

  2. Maybe the bunnies are just on an outing, foraginging for food. But if they are gone for good let’s hope they do well.

    In my opinion Clay is the winner. I felt Reuben was flat, as in ho hum, and could have phoned it in. Clay was great. He’s my pick.

  3. All six of them out foraginging for food at the same time? Could be, right? Hope they do okay. I’ll keep Cooper on a short leash until I know they are on their merry way.

    Yes, Ruben may have phoned it in, but Clay had either bad songs to sing or he sang them badly. Just my opinion. Okay, no winner

  4. i’m rooting for roooben b/c i love his voice but i think clay is going to get more of the votes. those clay fans are maniacs.

  5. Denis…I have to say I was all for Ruben at the start…but I have turned into a Clay fan since he lost some of his quirkiness. I DO think Clay is sincere, but he also knows how to perform and I think that is charming…the biggest thing that irks me about him is how he switches hands with the mic ALL the time. I love Ruben, and think he will get a contract anyway, but all in all I think Clay was the better singer. You are right about Ruben sweating up a storm….WOW! I think last nights songs were a little boring, but I actually thought Clay’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” was awesome. I thought Ruben’s first song (can’t remember what it was) was the best of his three. Anyway…I actually did try to vote (for the first time), and I could never get through. I feel bead for whoever loses just because in my opinion, they both are real winners.

  6. Clay is a much more polished performer than he started out to be, but he seems very insincere in almost all of his actions to me. Ruben and Clay will both make it in recording probably, but we’ll see where each is in five years. I think they might be one-hit wonders.

  7. Did I say foraginging??? How did I type that???? Foraging. Sounded like one of George’s words – “havening” – from “Chronicles of George.” 😉

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