AI2 Finale

I was out last night with a friend seeing two Woody Allen one-act plays so I didn’t see AI2. In fact, as soon as I got home, I fed CootieGirl and then went to sleep, so I didn’t find out who won last night until a half hour ago.

Very close contest. 130,000 votes separated the two. Could have gone either way. I think the right man won. It’s good to see that we have an influence in the voting. Clay must go!

The most amazing news is Simon Cowell is not expected back for AI3. They had better get some real good judge to rival Simon if this show is going to stay on the air. Can’t think of anyone who could fill his smelly shoes, but he better pull no punches. Good luck. If you can think of a replacement, let us know.

Hope Jaynee and CootieGirl are both sleeping right now. Rest up, sleepy heads.

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  1. I knew it was going to be close but thought Clay would and should get it. Even so, Clay is going to have a great career in show biz. We’ll see who come out on top there.

  2. Well, as I said yesterday, I thought Clay was gonna get it…but I am certainly happy with Roo-ben as well. And I agree with “Mom”, that Clay will also have a great career in show biz. I was also impressed to see Kelly Clarkson be presented with a platinum status album after only 5 weeks out there…that just proves exposure from AI did the trick!

  3. Yes, I think AI exposure will get their feet in the door. We’ll see if any of them have any staying power.

    My prediction: in three years you see Clay on Broadway.

  4. yeah i agree with you denis. i can’t imagine Clay anywhere else but broadway. i’m sure he’ll do very well there.

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