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I wasn’t all that impressed with last night’s Country Rock edition of American Idol. Other than Josh, who was channeling Garth Brooks, and Rooo-ben, who did a great rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama”, the rest were not worth mentioning. Oh wait, Kimberly Locke was great doing her Bonnie Raitt cover. Even Clay seemed kind of lackluster to me. I can’t even make predictions on who the bottom three will be – because it could be ANYone at this point.

So we’ll go with Jooo-lia DeMato, Carmen What’s-Her-Name, and Trenyce (who was completely out of her element last night and did NOT sing well, in my opinion).

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  1. I hate that I missed Josh. I agree with your assessment of the whole show. I thought Kimberly was excellent on the Bonnie Raitt song. The others were mediocre.

    And I just do not get the love affair between the judges and Corey. That is just weird to me…and makes me wonder *if rigging were possible* if he was the one they thought would win in the beginning and they’re trying to perpetuate that in the competition.

  2. it’s seems that randy, paula and even simon are being TOOO forgiving this season for some reason. what has happened to simon? he’s letting a lot of off notes and other vocal issues slide by without any comment. has he ‘gone hollywood’? i do remember seeing his nice, swanky house on MTV cribs a few months back so maybe he did sellout. ?

  3. I totally don’t get the Kimberly love… I was glad to see she was in the bottom three, I can’t believe she’s still there… she had a good voice, but she’s trying way too hard. Why don’t we just give Ruben the prize and end the season? The man is unbelievable!

  4. Man,

    This contest is so infuriating. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT TRENYCE And KIMBERLY belonged in the bottom 3 ….. Carmen, yeah maybe but Gracin is just getting his @$$ kissed cause he is a Marine, cause that country voice ain’t what got him where he is today.

    This isn’t Nashville Star…its American Idol

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