AI2 and Infections

I’ll start with the pleasant stuff first.

AI2 was good last night. Rooo-ben did the best, followed by Clay (who had an excellent first song but dude, “Grease”? Even I know that’s a horrible song choice.). Kimberly Locke was decent, and so was Josh. But “decent” doesn’t move you forward to the next round, so I believe those two will be in the bottom two, with Kimberly Locke going home only because she’s been in the bottom two/three so often. Poor Kimberly – she deserves to stay another week. It should have been Josh going home last week, Trenyce this week, and Kimberly next week, with Rooo-ben and Clay as the final two. Oh well.

As for the not-so-pleasant stuff, my incision is still not healing right, and I called my doctor about it a moment ago. Turns out my mom wasn’t cleaning the incision the way I thought she was – because I was so freaked about the method of cleaning I never watched her, and so I never knew she wasn’t going INSIDE the incision to clean it. I only found this out last night. So, my doctor has asked me to come in right away so that she can show my mom how to clean the “wound” for the rest of the week. Ugh. Why couldn’t it just heal properly? This sucks.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the cleaning. Even more sorry because I’m going to have to make up for your mom’s last cleaning time after she goes. This is going to be fun. I’d rather have the baby spit up formula on me over and over again. Sort of like she did this morning. Good luck at the doctor’s. I know you’ll be fine.

  2. Yuck…sorry about your non-healing. Hope it gets better really soon!

    I had to just laugh out loud at Clay last night with Grease! I don’t know if it was good or not, because I was laughing so much. I actually thought Roo-ben and Josh did the best last night. I think Kimberly will definitely be in the bottom 2, but I don’t know if the other one will be Josh or Clay. It is a toss up. We know Clay is the better singer, but that Grease thing might have blown it last night. I assume Kimberly will be going home as well.

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