AI: Top 12 is now 11

Man, I’m glad I opted not to watch American Idol live. I tivo’d it and caught up on three episodes of “Eli Stone” instead (I love that show!). So I pretty much fast-forwarded through 90% of the show. Things I did see:

1) Kat McPhee’s BEAUTIFUL Beatles cover with David Foster. I hope Ramiele was taking notes – THAT’S how you take a simple song and make it breathtaking. Is Kat’s version up for sale on iTunes? Cuz I want it.

2) Kristy Lee Cook asking “Where’s the microphone?” before Ryan told her the results. Very funny. She took it very well and I also like how she looked at Simon and joked, “I’m sorry you have to listen to it again.” She won big-time points with me for that.

3) Jason Castro is truly dumb. And I don’t mean that in a mean way – he’s cute in the interviews, but I wonder how much footage they have to shoot to get him to say an understandable sentence. *lol* His answer to the viewers question was painful to listen to – he had the stereotypical pothead tone in his voice. Despite this, I think he sings like a dream and still want him to go far in the competition.


4) I wasn’t too surprised by the bottom three, and I’m not surprised David H. went home. I’m sad, because I remember when he first sang in Hollywood I thought “WOW – WHO IS THAT? HE’S GOOD!” since they hadn’t shown him during tryouts. And I think he’s still good – when he’s not forcing himself to be more charismatic onstage.

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