Ahhhhh!!! Alone!!!!

Good morning, all! I am here at home, by myself. No sick kids, no sick me. It’s an honest-to-goodness VACATION DAY for me. I plan on doing…NOTHING. I take that back – I do plan on doing ONE load of laundry. Just one.

Today I’m actually taking CootieBoy to see “Wicked” in Charlotte. He’s very excited, as am I. I hope he likes it – I think he will.

I have more to post about – CootieGirl’s MAJOR regression in potty-training being a major one.

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  1. “CootieGirl’s MAJOR regression in potty-training”

    Eventually, she will realize that smelling like crap in front of people probably isn’t the coolest thing in the entire world. She will get it sooner or later, have hope.

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