Ah, High School Memories

So here’s a story I told my mother a few weeks ago. I thought I’d go ahead and post it here.

When I was a junior in high school I had a huge crush on a senior guy named Mike K. I had never actually spoken to him, and we certainly didn’t run in the same circles, but I knew who he was and was completely enthralled by him. My high school had lots of cliques, and he didn’t seem to really belong to any of them (neither did I – unless you called the Young Life kids a clique (and some did)). He wasn’t an athlete, and he wasn’t one of the deadheads, nor was he a skater or a prep. He just WAS.

Anyway, I had a huge crush on Mike K. I had befriended a freshman girl in my journalism class who was really outgoing and chirpy in her preppie ways. One day she and I met up at my locker before class so we could walk together. She was lamenting over a boy she liked (a junior that I had a couple of classes with). She had never spoken to him, but kind of stalked him in the hallways, hoping he’d notice her. I told her I empathized, since I also had a crush on a boy who didn’t know who I was and I also stalked (but in a cute way).

Mike K. worked at the Texaco gas station near my house. At this point I was driving and had my own car, so whenever I needed gas I would go to that particular Texaco, hoping to catch a glimpse. As if seeing him in the hallways at school wasn’t enough. So anyway, I was telling Janine about my own stalking, and describing Mike K. at the same time – his dark mildly curly hair, his piercing blues eyes, his lanky “I don’t work out” body, his aloofness in the hallways.

When I was done re-emphasizing how gorgeous his light blue eyes were, she asked me, “What’s this guy’s name?”

“Mike K.” I answered.

Janine stopped dead in the hallway. “Jaynee, that’s my BROTHER. That is SO GROSS.”

And that’s when it hit me: Janine also had gorgeous light blue eyes. And dark mildly curly hair. And the same last name as Mike K. I was mortified and begged her not to tell her brother , but in my head I knew she’d run right home and tell him.

I never went to that Texaco again.

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  1. aaaaaaah…high school. I kind of have a similar story. The difference was that my friends were trying to hook me up with my long time school crush. It happened one afternoon I see my 2 girlfriends coming down the hallway along with my “crush” and one of them starts yelling down the hallway…”DON’T GO TO CLASS, WE’VE GOT A LITTLE SURPRISE” when I saw who it was I turned beat red, my knees were shaking and as they got closer to my locker I panicked, shut my locker and started RUNNING! But…I didn’t run far because someone had there locker door open and I slammed right into it. Yea…it’s funny now but, it was super embarrasing back then. Moral of the story…my crush and I never talked until senior year in high school. Oh well =(

  2. harriene79, nope – there’s no way I would have let Janine set me up at that point. I was too embarrassed. The rest of that year I’d steal furtive glances at Mike and I could just TELL that she had told him about my obsession. Whereas before he never even knew I existed, he always looked at me after that. Thrilling, sure, but mortifying as well.

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