Adventures in Lawnmowing

Well, I wrecked the car last week, and Denis wrecks the lawnmower this week. And they were both brand new, and now they are both considered “pieces of crap”. Our car still isn’t back from the shop, despite their assurance last week that we’d be able to pick it up by last night.

Then last night it was still so light when we got home from work that Denis decided to mow the front lawn since other people were out doing it. I was in the back doing some light cleanup in the yard and heard the mower start. 10 minutes later it ground to a halt in a most abrupt and horrifying way. But I didn’t panic. I continued my gardening, hoping for the best.

Water Pipe

The damaged water pipe.

Then Denis came into the backyard with the mower and said, “I think I did something bad,” and proceeded to explain that while mowing the front strip of grass by the sidewalk he accidently mowed over the stubby water pipe that sticks up about four inches. We flipped the mower over and sure enough the blade was completely bent in it’s attempt to trim the water pipe.

Don’t worry, the water pipe is fine. No injuries were reported. Our lawnmower, however, requires a repair shop and can no longer be consider the “new mower”.

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  1. golly gosh oh me oh my – you guys are the next osbournes without the cursing – whatever can possibly happen next ….?!!

    things do occur in 3’s …. *lol*

  2. In my defense, the grass was so over grown, I couldn’t even see the water pipe. I should have known better, but I’m learning. What does a city boy know from a lawn mower? I know cement. And I’m very happy with the stuff.

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