Addicted to BE….So Suddenly

Okay, so I’m officially addicted to Blog Explosion. That didn’t take long, did it? I mentioned in the update of my earlier post that I had found five new blogs that were going to become daily reads – but as of 4:16 p.m. today it’s up to almost 20 blogs.

Genuine, one of the blogs I discovered, was disappointed that he wasn’t on the blogroll, but truth be told I’m going to create a SECOND blogroll of the folks I discover specifically through BlogExplosion. I’m hoping to get that setup tonight. It won’t be an official blogroll – it’ll be manual HTML, but it’ll be the complete list, nonetheless. There are some GREAT blogs out there, folks.

Update: Well, I went ahead and updated the menubar on the right so now you’ll see a list called “BlogExplosion Blogs We Like” which will list the ones I surfed through and liked enough to link.

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  1. ahh…thanks for adding me to your BE Hall of Fame…i hadn’t found your site yet through BE, but found the backward link….anyway, great blog and i will add you to my list….

    donyell (psych grad momma)

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