1. I was waiting for an e-mail from you saying, “Please remove that post.” Or maybe one from Ace. I think it’s a fun post. He’s certainly aged well. I’ll scan an old shot of me when I was a kid and post that when I get the chance. I have to find the photos first. I think they’re in the basement some where.

  2. hey – thats a really great idea – i like that d-man – and ace, denis is correct, you HAVE aged beautifully my dear !!

    p.s. i did laugh really hard when i first saw it – maybe bcause your mug lookng at me was the last thing i was expecting!

  3. In all fairness to Ace, that childhood picture is slightly doctored – a long time ago Denis photoshopped it to make that one tooth appear really long. Then he’d hook the camera up to the tv and flip back and forth between the normal shot and the photoshopped one and we’d all laugh and laugh and laugh. Good times.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Was my first reaction scrolling down Cootie Hog this morning. I may have been quicker on the take had I not been out of town last week on business.

    Boy you ask someone for a favor and they wait for about a year and sock it to ya.

    To be honest, I thought I was a cute kid. Heckfire, I still think I am cute.

  5. One more thing… after looking at the picture, I was thinking… “wouldn’t it be great to have that shirt in this day and age”

    That shirt rules!

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