Ace Spoiled Me

When I became friends with Ace I officially became spoiled. Most particularly, I got spoiled for the movies. Ace used to be able to get discounted movie tickets and he and I spent many an afternoon at the movies taking advantage of the cheap tickets. But a few months ago we ran out of tickets.

But lo and behold – my bank came to the rescue! A few weeks ago Denis and I got a mailing from them offering discounted movie tickets in bulk. I held on to the slip of paper, and today finally ordered some tickets. What’s funny is that as I was reading the fine print I saw the address of the very company Ace worked for in Watertown, MA where he got the tickets in the first place!

Either way, 16 discounted movie tickets are on their way to my house right now as we speak. Denis and I haven’t been to the movies much since we ran out of Ace’s cheapies, but something tells me we’ll be going to see a lot in the next couple months once they arrive. And they won’t be wasted on garbage like “Scooby Doo”.

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  1. I think you may have been to one or two movies with Ace unless there’s something going on that I don’t know. As far as seeing less movies, there is nothing worth seeing out there. In fact, I think we’ve seen as many movies since we ran out of cheap tickets as we did when we had them. I just think your perception is way off. That’s okay. I’m used to that. As long as you’re happy believing that, I’m happy.

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