A Trip to Virginia

Tomorrow morning I leave for Virginia for a small vacation with my family before I return to work. I’ll drive back to NJ on Tuesday after the Columbus Day holiday. I’ll be taking CootieBoy and CootieGirl with me in the mini-van and leaving Denis behind with Cooper and the cats. I believe he’s planning a night out with the boys in my absence.

As for me, I’ll be in a van for 4 1/2 hours with my adorable toddler daughter who entertains herself quite well in the car and my slightly high-maintenance infant son who hates the car and will most likely spend 75% of his time crying and the other 25% passed out in exhaustion from the crying. Oh joy.

He’s actually been better about riding in the car – we drove around quite a bit over the past week or so, and he rarely fussed. He didn’t fuss at all to and from the Bronx Zoo on Monday and that was 45 minutes each way. Let’s hope and pray that he can extend that a bit tomorrow morning.

And that I don’t hit traffic.

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