A Tribute to Harry

My sister already talked about this, but our family’s dog is not doing well. Harry has been in our family for a very long time. He’s a dachsund/terrier mix and is the most adorable dog a person can want. Whip-smart, I’m convinced he knew every word we were saying 100% of the time (unlike Cooper, who barely has a five word vocabulary, I’m sure). He loved to cuddle, protect, play, and love anyone who would do the same back to him.

When my family first adopted him from the dachsund rescue league, he had lived with cats, and thus played like a cat – he pounced on things, gracefully leaping on toys instead of just grabbing them up to chew or play with. He worshipped my Mom – he’d sulk when she went away on trips, and would pass the time in her closet – as close to “her” as he could get when she was not home.

When I decided to give away my cat Spanky to my parents (due to Stinky the New Cat fighting with her and generally beating her up), I knew it was a good decision – Harry had a cat companion again, and Spanky liked Harry and wouldn’t mind him for a roommate. The two have been seen napping together on occasion – in fact, I even have a picture that I’ll try to scan in today to show you.

But Harry is aging now – he’s about 13 or 14 years old, and his health is failing. I had hoped he’d make it to our trip down in a couple weeks, but my mom has sadly reported that he may not make it through today. He was a lovely dog, one that can’t be replaced in any way, shape or form. He was quite simply, the perfect dog and a wonderful friend.

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  1. So sorry to hear that. Last year I lost my dog, a beautiful black lab who still lived with my parents, and heard the news while I was on vacation. As much as I expected to be upset, I was ready for how upset I would be. It was just really hard. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m sorry.

  2. Jaynee — so, sorry to hear that. I do know how you feel, trust me. I am near tears now. Harry knows how much he was loved and he will always be with you and your family in spirit.

  3. Harry is a great dog. He’s so sweet. And protective. And very attached to mom, as Jaynee said. He will be missed greatly. I hope he goes peacefully. I’m very sad. I know I’m going to be a wreck when we lose one of our pets.

  4. Sadness indeed. I’m sure you’ll have happier memories of him than not, though it may be hard now. It’s tough losing a good friend 🙁

  5. The old boy made it through another day. He’s not in pain, though pretty “hang-dogged” so I am giving him lots of extra love, strokes and words of praise. Maybe he’ll hang in till Dad gets home, Lord willing.

  6. Tomorrow will be the end for Harry. My favorite story about Harry was that I had been in my office, Harry was with Marmie down the hall. As I left my office I noticed that his rawhide bone was in my office near the door. As I passed Marmie’s office, Harry looked up to see me. I said, “Harry, it’s in my office,” nothing more. He immediately jumped down from the ottoman, went directly to my office, picked up the bone and brought it back to where he had been. Amazing! He knew what I said, perfectly. Smartest dog I ever had. He’ll be missed.

  7. If we told Cooper his bone was in the office, he’d look at us and think “Did they just say Outside?” Harry was a great dog. And so is Cooper.

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