A Tiny Announcement

Good morning, all! Did you miss us this long weekend as we didn’t write anything? Well, how about this – does this make up for it?

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  1. Dangit! I wanted to be the first to comment…

    I’m so excited to be an aunt, you know that. I glad that I can start telling people.

    *WOO HOO*

    (you’ll have to point out the stuff on the sonogram for me later)

  2. Finally I can speak freely on the hog!! Rob, Grace and I want to say congratulations! Also congrats to Jen being an Aunt is so much fun! I am guessing boy.

  3. OMG Jaynee, congrats to you and Denis! I just told Wanda, and she said congrats too…little Cootie Jr. is so tiny on the sonogram…God bless him/her!

  4. I am so going to tell Austin to start making baby booties right this very minute!

    Congratulations, kids!

    Will you post name selections for us to peruse?

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