A Successful Garage Sale!

Well, we hoped to make $500 during our garage sale, but we knew going into it that that was a lofty goal. We didn’t have nearly as much out there as we were considering.

But we still made $250! AND we got rid of some stuff that was cluttering the house. Anything that didn’t sell at the end has been taken to Good Will (Denis is dropping it off right now as I type).

We had the kids set up lemonade and cookies to sell at 25 cents a pop, and they earned about $20. Some people gave them money just because they did a good job trolling for business (they had a megaphone that they used to holler down the street (which I’m sure people loved at 8 a.m. this morning)).

Our two big items in the sale were our old loveseat and sofa. My parents gave me their Flexsteel sofa, and so it was time to get rid of the ones we’ve owned for the past 5-6 years. They have served us well all these years, but it was time for them to go. We had a lot of interest, and a couple people offering lowball prices, but in the end we sold them to a young couple who are furnishing their first apartment together. She had bought a set at a yard sale last week, but when she saw ours she told her boyfriend that she liked ours better. They left, but came back an hour later and said they wanted them. They are going to give the other set they bought last week to her mom, who happens to live in our development. We sold them for much cheaper than I was hoping to get, but the couple was so cute that in the end I didn’t mind giving her a MAJOR deal. Especially since it meant we didn’t have to lug them inside again. *lol*

I’ll say this though – I’m glad I only agree to do yard sales once every few years. They are EXHAUSTING (and having them take place in 90 degree weather doesn’t help).

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