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So last night after band practice the team had a meeting about the future of the church and where the band fits in. I’ve mentioned before about my concern about “What Is Worship?

During the meeting Christopher reiterated some of the things he told me last month – that the Sunday services are going to be more seeker-friendly and considered strictly “community outreach” (similar to our car washes, the Easter Egg Hunt and various other community events we do), and Worship Night and small groups are for the believers to come together for real worship through singing, prayer and Bible study.

So last night one of the guys brings up a lot of the same concerns that I’ve brought up before – some of the song choices, the constant uptempo songs, secular music in church, etc. He also said that people have complained about the volume. Now, in that regard I agree with Christopher that the volume needs to be loud. Since we meet in a movie theater the acoustics are atrocious and in order for the backrow to hear us we have to really blast the speakers. My sister made a comment this past weekend that the vocals need to be louder over the music, but Christopher said he spoke with a sound professional that said that because of where we have services and the position of our speakers (whose position is dictated by our theater layout) the music will ALWAYS overpower the vocalists.

He then proceeded to tell us about the long-range goal of the church. 1) To be in a new location on Sunday mornings, 2) To increase Worship Night from one night a month to 2-3 times, 3) To join the individual Worship Night locations into one so that all participants are together instead of in groups of 12-15 people.

I still think it’s weird to sing a Backstreet Boys song in church (Christopher said he wants to do “Incomplete”), but I now have a full picture of the long-range planning for the church and am up for the challenge.

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  1. I’m not sure I agree with the long-term plans, and why don’t they share those with the church members?

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