A Scratch, Not A Pick

This morning I hopped in my car, and upon turning the key was blasted with air from the air conditioner I left on full-blast last night. Some fleck of dirt flew out and went right into my left eye. It HURT. As I was driving over to the park’n’ride to catch my bus to work my eye was watering really bad and it hurt just to have my eye open. So I kept it closed, managed to avoid getting into a half a dozen accidents (it’s weird driving with only one eye open), and caught my bus. I asked a fellow busrider for a mirror, and inspected my eye – nothing in it. So the speck of dirt must have been long gone, and left behind a significant scratch on my cornea.

Great. Just great. I kept my eyes closed the whole ride in, grateful I hadn’t worn eye makeup today (I envisioned mascara streaming down my face if I had). Once at my office I ran to the basement drug store and picked up some Visine, which of course didn’t help since it’s a scratch.

So I’m now at my desk, winking at everyone. I told one of my bosses not to run home to his wife tonight and report that his secretary is making a move on him.

Update at 11:23 a.m.: My left eye is now puffy and red – and typing is hard because I can’t focus on the material I need to input into the computer. It’s been decided that I need to keep my eye closed, but other than taping my eye shut with some scotch tape, I doubt anyone here at work has a spare pirate costume laying around. So I’ll just have to look like I have pink eye all day – sans the yellow goop, of course.

Update at 1:07 p.m.: It still continues to feel worse, so I’ve made an appointment with an opthamologist for 1:30 p.m. – I’m leaving the office now and hope that they can provide some relief for me.

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