A Rude Awakening

Today is a school holiday, so it’s just me and the kids at home today. It was my opportunity to sleep in, but no – the kids were up early, about 6:45 a.m. I told them to go back to bed, but instead they came downstairs to play.

Five minutes later my cellphone rings, so I get up to come down and answer it, but it quits before I can answer. Since I’m downstairs, I let the dog outside. As I’m letting him out my doorbell rings. Who on EARTH is ringing my doorbell at 6:50 a.m.? Since I’m only clad in a t-shirt, I run upstairs and get dressed, then turn on all the lights and come downstairs. The kids, in the meantime, have looked out the front window and declare, “It’s the police, Mama!”

I open the door and, sure enough, there’s a cop on my doorstep.

“Did someone call 911?” he asked in concern.

I turn and look at my children, saying cautiously, “Nooo…”

“We got a call and we can’t tell if it came from this house or the one next door. But we were told they heard children on the line.”

I turn again to look at my children, saying to the cop, “The folks next door don’t have children. And my phone rang a couple minutes ago, but just one time and they hung up.”

The cop asked me to get my phone, which I did, giving my children the stink eye as I walked past them. I read the incoming number to him, which he didn’t immediately recognize. But at this point I knew it was CootieGirl and CootieBoy who did it. Because when I had picked up my phone to look at the incoming call, it said that my password had been attempted three times. I never have to try three times to put in my password. And my phone gives anyone the ability to call 911 even if the phone is locked. No doubt my children hit the button for “call emergency number” that is one of two buttons that pops up on the screen when the phone is locked.

I once again ask the kids, “Did you play with my phone?”

They lied.

“Tell the truth this time – did. you. play. with. my. phone?”

CG’s lip quivered and she finally whispered, “Yes.”

I turn to the cop. “I am so sorry. SO SO sorry.”

“That’s okay, ma’am. We are just happy that everyone is okay.” He looked at CG and said, “That number should only be dialed when you are hurt or in trouble, okay?”

She nodded mutely, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

“Is she going to jail?” CootieBoy asked excitedly as I said goodbye and closed the door.

“No, but hopefully the lesson has been learned.” I look at her. “You are NEVER to use my things. You are NEVER to go into my purse. You are NEVER to call 911 on the phone unless you are hurt or in trouble. You are NEVER to do that again.”

At this she burst into full-on tears and wailed, “I don’t want to go jail!”

This better not ever happen again. It’s a HOLIDAY. I should still be in BED!!!!!!!

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  1. Look at it this way. It’s Columbus Day, and in the spirit of DISCOVERY your kids have now conquered NEW TERRITORY! They’re explorers in the footsteps of the man for whom the holiday is named! Westward Ho!

  2. Would have given a bundle to see the quivering lips and CB’s excited hope that she was going to jail! LOL!

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