A Quiet Sunday Morning?

This morning I awoke to CootieBoy whispering, “Mama, I peed in the bed.”

Lovely. Especially since he was currently cuddled up against me at the time he whispered it.


Denis went in to church early this morning and the rest of us followed soon after. It was a good service although we missed most of the music since CootieBoy refused to go into his classroom.

After church I headed over to Best Buy on the off-chance they had the Mario Kart Wii game. And they DID! YAY! So I picked that up along with an extra steering wheel so that two of us could play at one time (actually, THREE of us can play since the game also uses the old-school controller, one of which I got for my birthday). The kids like the game, but obviously are not that good at steering. Most times CootieBoy would be going backwards, and CootieGirl just wanted to be Peach the Princess and didn’t care at all about the actual race. *lol*

Anyway, we also did Wii Fit for a while. CootieBoy did a free run for 10 minutes and was very excited when the timer went off showing he had finished it. CootieGirl followed once he was done, but she HATES being taught how to do things, and pitched a fit whenever I tried to explain how she was supposed to stand during the skateboard slalom. But, between the three of us we got our heartrates going for about 45 minutes. That’s one good thing about the Wii Fit – it’s exercise under the guise of a game, and the kids love it. CB wants to unlock the penguin balance game for his Mii, and I told him he needed to do some of the other exercises before that one unlocks for him. But I let him do it with my Mii, which made him happy.

Denis vacuumed his car today. He also found CootieBoy’s sandals in the trunk of my car. They’ve been missing for a couple weeks now. This morning I took out CB’s carseat and replaced it with CG’s booster. CB will now sit in CG’s old carseat. When I removed CB’s carseat there was ALL KINDS of junk under that thing. Nasty. So that had to be cleaned out today. I think Denis did that for me, but I’m not sure.

So now the kids are watching “Return of the Jedi.” I’m hoping that when it ends I can talk them into going to the pool for the last hour of the pool time.

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  1. Camp Rock: Watched 15 minutes of it and shut it off. I should have known better. Just awful and the lead “girl” is ugly and has cow pie hair.

    Wii: I received your message regarding Mario Kart. I will see if its in the budget for June, but I may have to pick it up in July. Good thing is, July is only a week away.

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