A Quiet House

Yesterday CG and CB left for “Camp Marmie” – otherwise known as “a week at my parents’ house!” Not only that, but Denis left yesterday morning for a three day business trip (he returns home at dinnertime tomorrow). Needless to say the house has been VERY VERY quiet since I’m the only one here.

To celebrate, I’m taking the day off from work tomorrow so I can lounge around eating bon bons and watching “Judge Judy.” No, actually I plan on sleeping in, going to the pool, going to the movies, and going to get a facial at the spa. In that order.

Denis and I are taking advantage of not having to get a babysitter, and we’ll be going to the movies on Saturday as well. And then on Sunday we’re considering bowling. Monday night I’ll most likely go to Carowinds and ride all the adult rides that I can’t ride when I take the kids (Denis may or may not join me – he’s not into amusement parks). Who knows what’ll happen on Tuesday? The world is our oyster!

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little Me time. I’m sure you’ve earned it! (Every Mom has, lol.) Enjoy the quiet…it will be over before you know it. A joyful noise children make but it can sometimes set your teeth on edge, right?

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