A Quiet Finish

The remainder of our weekend was quiet. Ray arrived around 3 p.m. for football and stayed through the two games. Denis made lots of food and was the consummate host. I hid upstairs almost all day, coming down occasionally for food and drink. At halftime Ray and Denis graciously moved the two dressers from The Kid’s room into my walk-in closet. Now there is PLENTY of room in the nursery and I’m not afraid of it being cramped anymore.

Watched the Golden Globes last night, which were surprisingly boring. I expected more tipsy acceptance speeches. Oh well – maybe next year.

Tonight we go to Home Depot to meet with the kitchen design folks about the cabinets we want to add. Denis and I went over measurements again today and adjusted our expectations on how much we can fit in the space. And now that we’ve done that, we determined that we only need three actual cabinets – so hopefully we can keep costs down that way.

Denis is home today. Arg. So not fair. The good thing: my commute was a dream this morning. By the last stop on my NJ bus we had 12 passengers and the ride only took 20 minutes into Port Authority. All morning commutes should be so great.

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  1. Golden Globes: I agree they were pretty boring. Didn’t you think Meryl Streep was tipsy? What was up with her?

    Dressers: So you moved out both dressers? I thought you were keeping one to use for the baby?

    Kitchen: Where are you putting the cabinets?

    Holiday: *singing* I’m at home today! I’m at home today!

  2. I doubt Meryl was tipsy – the event had JUST started. She was fine on the red carpet. I think she was just excited about winning.

    We had three dressers in that bedroom – we moved out two of them and will keep the third for The Kid.

    The cabinets will go on that empty wall on the left as you enter the kitchen.

  3. Meryl – I realize that the event had just started, she seemed really out of it to me. She could have had a little too much in the limo on the way over. =)

    Cabinets with a counter on top I assume?

  4. Yes, there will be one floor-to-ceiling cabinet, one waist high cabinet with countertop, with a 15″ high wall cabinet above that coming from the ceiling. Below that wall cabinet we will hang the pot rack I got Denis for Xmas.

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