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Things have been hectic, but I wanted to let you know that I may have a job offer coming to me this week. Yesterday afternoon I received a telephone call from the HR department at the company that I met with twice in the past two weeks. They called to let me know that they were going to begin calling my references.

After getting off the phone, I quickly began calling my references to let them know, and while I was on the phone with Mare-Bear to let her know to expect a call, her boss had already picked up the line to accept the call from the HR person that had just called me! That was QUICK!

Late in the afternoon I spoke with my boss from The Company in NJ and he had some very nice words for me – including that despite my being gone for 3+ years he still laments my departure and wishes I had not moved away. He said he’ll be happy to give a glowing reference for me. Awesome!

I gave the HR person five references – no idea how many they’ll call before they decide to stop because they’ve heard enough. In any event, with any luck I’ll hear from them this afternoon and will have 24 hours to consider and respond by COB tomorrow. My only prayer at this point – and it really is my only prayer since the job and the people I’d work for are fantastic – is that if they do make an offer, it’s an offer that meets my minimum requirement. You’d think I wouldn’t be picky, but I’ll be honest – in order to justify working outside the home and pay after-school care for the kids, I DO have a minimum that I’d need to make. I told Denis that if this place meets that minimum, I’ll jump at the job with great joy.


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