A Quick AI2 Update

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. I’ve been concentrating on recovering from the C-section and frankly haven’t even thought about going online. It’ll probably be another two weeks before I’m able to take the stairs to the computer room. (Editor’s note: I can see about moving the old computer down to our room temporarily.)

I didn’t watch Tuesday’s eppy of AI2, but based on what I did see, I knew Josh would be going home. I thought Trenyce, Clay and Kimberly were great. From the clips of Rooo-ben, I thought he was just okay, but that America would never kick him out — especially since it was so obvious that Josh would finally be let go.

For that reason, I had picked Josh, Trenyce and Kimberly for the bottom three. Then they announced they were only pulling the bottom two, and I presumed Kimberly would be safe.

So imagine my shock (and everyone elses) when the almight Rooo-ben was tagged instead of Josh. They look on Simon’s face was priceless. And Josh knew he caught a break.

My mom made a good comment though. They didn’t announce how many people voted. Last week it was over 21 million. If they didn’t announce numbers, I can only think that they had less than 21 million, which they wouldn’t want to advertise.

Anyway, my mom’s thought was this: we don’t know the spread of the votes. If 20 million voted, Trenyce may have only gotten 3 million. Rooo-ben may have gotten 3.1 million. What if Josh is only save by .01 votes? He gets 3.11 million votes and voila — he’s safe. Maybe Rooo-ben’s people presumed he was safe and didn’t vote? Either way, that’s likely why Josh was spared.

So Trenyce goes home (which is fine — she would have gone in the next two weeks anyway.) She was incredibly gracious about it, which is awesome, since she was so obviously gyped.

So that’s it. Rooo-ben isn’t invincible. That’s good to know. Now I think Clay will win.

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  1. I still think it could be Clay or Ruben to win…and Kimberly is really starting to show a fight for it as well. I think Clay had just shown that he can take the criticism and really work on what he needs to work on. Ruben has actually been given very little criticism, since he is just so darn likable, so it seems that he doesn’t really know what angle to take to pull off a sure win. I CANNOT believe Josh survived…although Simon’s look was shock at Ruben being in the bottom, you know he was expecting Josh to be there and hoping Josh would be gone.

  2. So you’re saying Simon isn’t a big fan of country music. That makes two of us. I like some country, but We don’t need a country singing pop idol.

  3. I was as shocked as everyone else about Ruben. And I agree that Trenyce was very gracious. She’s good, she may end up in the biz.

    Josh is gone next week.

  4. I am not saying Simon isn’t a fan of country music…I’m saying Simon is not a fan of Josh’s performances. I like some country and I think Josh was good the first few weeks of the top 10, but he has done really awful on some of those performances. As long as he sings the “Garth style” country, he’s great—no deviations though.

  5. They shouldn’t let marines vote… ha! ha! I’m just kidding of course, but let’s face it, Josh has got all the servicemen and woman’s vote locked in…. too bad though, ’cause he sucked this week. I didn’t find Ruben stellar this week, but he should not have been bottom two, unless it was him and Josh.

  6. i think clay needs to be in the bottom 2 so he knows how it feels .I do believe Josh will be out of there this week at least i hope so.

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