A Productive Weekend!

Happy Monday, everyone!  We had a great weekend in the Cootie household – we hope you did too! 
On Saturday morning we were all up early, and by 10 a.m. CootieGirl and I were in the van, determined to find a chair for our TV room.  We went to three places – one in Charlotte, one in Matthews, NC and the last in Waxhaw, NC. It was in Waxhaw that we finally had success.  We had been told about a huge furniture outlet place there, and they weren't kidding!  From the outside the place looked a mess, but the parking lot was packed with bargain hunters – it took us a while to find an open parking space!
It didn't take long for CG to find the chair she wanted.  I sent Denis a picture of it, and we spoke on the phone.  The price was right, the color was right, it was comfortable and CG loved it.  I paid cash and had it loaded into the van so we could bring it right home.  It looks good, and CG pretty much sat in the chair every waking moment for the remainder of the weekend.  I think it is officially "her" chair.  Had it been a recliner I'd have claimed it for myself, but at least with her occupying that chair, CootieBoy, Cooper the Dog and I now have more than enough room on the sofa.
That evening CB and I headed to the Mother/Son dance being held by his cub scout pack.  He had balked at the idea of going all week long, but while CG and I were in Waxhaw Denis texted me to let me know that CB had changed his mind about going.
When we got home from Waxhaw he handed me a card that he had made that asked me to the dance.  That night before we left he handed me an imitation rose to carry (it lit up!), AND he even opened my door for me as we got in the car!  Once at the dance he was a doting, awesome kid throughout dinner.  And when the dancing started – his feet were on fire.  From the first song to the last he was out on the dancefloor kicking up his heels.  He didn't like the idea of slowdancing and used those songs as opportunities to talk to his buddies or load up on lemonade.  But when the faster songs were playing he was a dynamo of movement.  Very cute and he said he's looking forward to next year's dance.  As for me – the dancing was made slightly unbearable because of the heavy rotation of linedancing songs.  I've never been a fan of linedancing (hello, macarena, chicken dance, electric slide and everything else – I'm talking to you), much preferring freestyle from my old clubbing days.  But dag'gum it, I'm in the South.  And in the South you linedance.  Or, should I say, the other moms linedanced.  I refrained.
Sunday was a quiet day.  We opted to skip church to do some majorly overdue housecleaning.  Since I'm hosting bookclub tomorrow night we needed to get the public areas of the house into some semblance of order.  Once the kids' playroom was done getting cleaned up we celebrated with chocolate chip waffles for brunch and watched a few episodes of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" on TV. 
As for the Super Bowl, I didn't see it.  Denis opted to go to a beer meetup for the game, and so that gave me the opportunity to chill.  I fed the kids some dinner, got them to bed, cleared out my Tivo of some stuff I hadn't watched yet, organized my Kindle and read for a while, and baked a quick batch of cookies (pre-made dough).  A nice, pleasant, football-free evening.
This week should be relatively peaceful.  Tomorrow is cub scouts and book club.  Wednesday is piano for CB.  Other than that, not much is going on – it will be another calm week like last week.  YAY!

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  1. your post about CB and the dance made me laugh out loud, espeially the rose that lit up LOL!!!! Spectacular 🙂

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