A Prize Cooper Could Win

Thanks to Red Sugar Muse for posting about this. It’s the Great American Mutt Show, an event held by a NYC not-for-profit group to raise money and awareness for pet adoption. It’s on Sept. 28 of this year and registration opens on Monday. I’m thinking I could enter Cooper for the “most misbehaved” category – I think he’d win that hands down.

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  1. I could try my darndest to enter Bambino, but I know he would terrorize all the other mutts after he peed on everything and mauled half of the mutts’ parents.

    Then again, I really have nothing to do this weekend…

  2. I just read the registration stuff for this Mutt show – apparently no pure bred dogs are allowed into the competition. Makes sense, since it’s a MUTT show – but still. I had Cooper picked the winner for most misbehaved.

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