A Plethora of Thoughts During the Commute Home

As I was riding on the bus from my office to the Port Authority to go home yesterday I had several thoughts pop into my mind. Thought I’d tell you about them. They include: 1) DJs in the middle of the street in NYC; 2) The M27 bus is filled with fat chicks; 3) Kylie Minogue; 4) Tim Russert is trustworthy.

1. DJs in the middle of the street in NYC. Last night I saw a lone man sitting in the middle of Times Square, a speaker set up playing loud (bad) dance music and trying to sell cds. He had no customers. It made me think of a female deejay that I periodically saw in the subway system at Port Authority – nearly every morning she was set up near the A/E train lines, earphones on, spinning really good house music for the daily commuters. Since Sept. 11 I have stopped riding the subways in favor of the bus, and I realized last night when I saw the little man not selling any cds that I miss seeing her. She always brightened my day because of her dedication.

2. The M27 bus is filled with fat chicks. I actually had this revelation soon after I began riding this bus to and from my office. But yesterday it hit home – this bus line picks up a lot of fat chicks. Now, as of December 2001 I put myself in that category, however, since then I’ve lost 24 pounds with an eye on many more, so I count myself as “plump”. But back when I first rode the bus, I was one of the fat chicks on the M27. I can’t wait until I’m one of the few thin chicks on the M27. That will be a good day.

3. Kylie Minogue. I’ve heard half a dozen songs from her new album and they are actually pretty good. Who would have thought when she first released “Locomotion” in 1988 that she’d actually put out a legitimate dance record in 2002? I certainly didn’t. But I just can’t get that song out of my head. And for once I don’t mean that in a bad way.

4. Tim Russert is trustworthy. Soon after seeing the Times Square deejay I saw a commercial on the NBC monitors promoting Tim Russert, and I couldn’t help but smile up at his big mug. Why? Because I like Tim Russert. I’ll be the first to admit that I hate politics, I don’t watch the news, and I prefer to live in my little cocoon oblivious to the world’s plight. But when Tim Russert comes on the Today Show in the morning, I stop and listen. He’s my Walter Cronkite. He could tell me that men have walked on the moon and I’d believe him. And yes, that means I don’t believe men have walked on the moon. Don’t get me started on that one.

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  1. I love Tim Russert Potato Head…almost as HOTT as my own husband (but not quite)! And don’t EVEN get me started about Wolf Blitzer!

  2. Come on! No one beats Brit Hume. BRIT HUME! The name alone is fantastic…

    …the fact that he’s on FoxNews (Fox News is better) is a bonus.

    I do like Tim Russert though.

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