A Normal Day

Today, despite being Mother’s Day, has been a normal Sunday for us. This morning CootieGirl woke me up so she could give me the present she made at school – it was a very sweet picture of her with a poem. However, she kind of ruined it when she said, “Hey Mom, you know why I said in the poem that you give big hugs?”

“No, why?”

“Because you’re BIG!”

Um. Thanks?

Later, we went to church, and then CootieBoy and I went to do some grocery gaming. I spent $55 and some change (and saved $50) for all this:
Once everything was put away we headed out to a local restaurant for a late Mother’s Day lunch. We had never been to the place before and it was quite tasty. They gave me a rose upon entering AND my first drink was free. WOO HOO to Mother’s Day!

Now the kids are in the other room fighting over the remote control, Denis is upstairs reading the paper, and I’m about to start in on today’s freelance work.

Hope you all have had a fine Mother’s Day.

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  1. That is a LOT of stuff for $50.00! Happy belated Mother’s Day and thanks for stopping by. Sadly, no — Hulu is not available in Canada. (Or the rest of the world I believe.) Sucks to be us, eh?


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