A Nice Relaxing Day

CG and I have had a nice relaxing day. She played in her room for a couple hours and I spent that time reading in my room. At some point I fell asleep and woke up an hour later only to find her still playing in her room (thankfully, no haircuts took place during my downtime). Her room is a MESS, though. Can’t even see the floor.

I took a shower and then we headed out for some shopping. We hit Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up a couple king-size pillows to put in the new shams for our bed. She loves those music players in those stores – you know, the new age cds where you can press the button and listen to a sample and then buy the cd for $10? Well, she LOVED the big band cd that was part of the grouping. I liked one new age “goin’ to the spa” cd, and they had a rebate going if you bought two, so I let her get the big band CD and I got the new age one for CB. We paid (yay for BBB coupons!) and then headed over to Dress Barn.

L-Train has been nagging me to get new pants now that I’ve lost 35 pounds. A couple pairs of my pants are ridiculously big on me but I keep wearing them. And yes, one of those pairs of pants are maternity wear pants. Yes, I know CB turns four in three weeks. Shut up. Anyway, it was a THRILL to grab two pairs of pants off the rank and have them FIT when I tried them on. They fit PERFECTLY. That never happens, people. Since it’s tax-free weekend I got them for a decent price (one of them was from the clearance rack). Then we headed over to DSW to see if I could find some new black shoes for work since the ones I have are broken (the 1″ thick rubber sole near the heel split right down the middle a few months ago). I did find a cute pair, but they were $60 and I refuse to spend $60 on shoes. But I did find a cute brown pair on the clearance rack (40% off the reduced price!) so I picked those up. I’ll hit up a PayLess or Target for the black shoes I need.

After that we got some lunch at Chick-Fil-A before heading home. We had intended to go to the pool but when we got home CG announced she just wanted to play in her room and listen to her new CD, so I grabbed my book and got back to reading for a bit. We both eventually ended up downstairs and she is now watching “Camp Rock” for the 100th time.

I don’t cook, so I have no idea what we’re having for dinner. Maybe soup and sandwich? God forbid Denis dies anytime soon – I’d have to force my parents (specifically my mother) to move in with me so that my kids don’t grow up eating Lunchables, french toast, poptarts, pizza and meatloaf (about the only thing I can cook).

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  1. Sounds as if you had a fantastic day! As did we ~ I got a lot done while Dad was gone and so felt well-prepared for Round #2. Am so pleased about your bed linens. That is too funny about CG liking the Big Band music, although that is what I had on the CD player all day Friday so she heard it that afternoon and evening, and then we danced to it after dinner, remember? She has a mind like a steel trap, that kid. As for moving in if something happens to Denis ~ no, we’ll just have to be close enough for you all to come over to eat several times a week, or you’ll just have to learn to cook. I suspect you know how, but with husband who loves to cook and doesn’t mind doing it, why bother, right? If circumstances called upon you to do it, you would, I am sure.

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