A New Weight Loss Spreadsheet

So I’m using a great spreadsheet that Erin at Gigglechick created to track my weight loss. I’ve been pretty diligent about updating it every day since I started using it about two months ago.

Now that I’ve started this medical weight loss study that requires me to eat only 1300 calories a day, I am actively using SparkPeople.com to track my daily caloric intake. In doing this, tonight I decided to start a new spreadsheet that calculates my average weekly calories. Since this spreadsheet has less sensitive information on it (like my WEIGHT), it is open to anyone to look at. My weeks will coincide with my doctor’s appointments, which will always be on Wednesdays. So Wednesday is the start of the weekly counting.

I’ve decided that if my WEEKLY AVERAGE is below 1,500, I’ll be satisfied. Will the medical study people be satisfied? Probably not. But given that four days this week I was at or below their 1300 limit means I’m doing better than *I* thought I would do and my 2,000 calorie days compensate for the below-1300 calorie days.

This week’s average: 1,481 calories over the course of seven days. I’m VERY content with that. Here is the weekly spreadsheet. Each Tuesday night I’ll try to remember to post the updated link with that week’s result. It’ll be interesting to track the weekly average as this medical study continues over the next 12 months.

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  1. If you start with good nutrition, Lowering your fat intake. You will get to your ideal Weight. The BMI is just a tool adn tools are not perfect. Before you start any diet talk to a doctor about. He will help Ajust it with you.

    I have a weight probleme but i am in good helth. I am stuck with a slow metabolosm. Trying to speed it up is not esay. I take it a day at a time and its working. Sure its not FAST , But i am losing weight the Helthy way.

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