A New TV Show for Cats Coming

I just read this on cnn.com. Someone is going to be producing a show for cats. Not cat lovers, not cat owners, but cats! Whoo Hoo for the kitties!!!! Cats Rule! I know I’ll tape the episodes for our cats. Hope it’s a good show. “Cats in Outer Space”? “Fred: Cat Detective”? “Cat Survivor”? The possibilities are endless. The Cat Cable Network. CCN.

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  1. They were doing NYC auditions for this at Chelsea Piers earlier this week. And yes, I debated going down there myself. =)

  2. I didn’t know about this. You should have gone down there. And taken Ginger with you. She’s got personality. Or catality, as it were.

  3. Dear DS, cats are only into ‘reality’ stuff, so how long a fishbowl or little rabbits can pay their attention! Admit,television is only created for the human mind. Untill scratch-and-smell is intruduced 😉


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