A New CootieList!

Well, my morning as lousy, and my afternoon was not much better. However, in between answering telephone calls, booking presentations and trying to get one of my guys out the door to a meeting, I was able to put the final touches on a new Cootiepage! It’s our complete dvd/video collection. Yes, we actually bothered to begin writing down each and every one we have. As of today it’s only a small sampling – nearly all the DVDs and a small portion of the videos. Over the next few weeks well start putting in more of the the video titles. Go! Peruse! Covet! or Laugh! – depending on what you think of our taste in movie purchases).

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  1. Now you have gone and made me look bad again. I was just getting ready to put together my DVD list. I will probably do the newest first to get something up as I must have a couple hundred now. I’ll have to do videos later as I have over 600 and don’t want to type that much at once. Probably should put them in a database. Did you use a DB?

    We have some overlap as well but then great minds think alike, don’t they?

  2. No database – just plain old fingers on the keyboard typing in the HTML by hand. I’m not technical enough to do a database and have it do the work for me. =)

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