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Denis is thinking about getting a new cellphone or PDA. His is working fine, but he has reached that 2-year point with his current PDA and is looking to upgrade. When we reach that point to research the best cell phone plan deals we can find, it can be tricky determining what you want to get. Honestly, ALL phones look/sound perfect nowadays – don’t they?

We’re currently with AT&T, so my first instinct would be to look at att cell phones in order to keep our plan together. Denis’ upgrade cost would be minimal, and we’d both stay on the same plan. However, Denis is thinking about switching to a phone that isn’t being offered by AT&T – he’s looking into one of the new BlackBerry phones – the Blackberry Storm. Yes, I’d be jealous if he gets it – but then again, I like Scarlet. And I don’t think I’d like touchscreen technology – I like feeling the buttons under my fingers!

Unfortunately for us, the Blackberry Storm is only being offered with plans for verizon cell phones – so we’d have to split our current plan would could wreak havoc with our pricing structure.

If he can find a Storm for a good price AND help us keep our monthly cell phone bill to around the same price we’re paying now (or lower), then I say go for it. In any event, I presume after the holidays he’ll begin doing his research into free cell phone offers to see what he can get and for what price. We’ll see…

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  1. The AT&T Blackberry Bold is a really nice phone too. We just got a bunch at work and the screen resolution is awesome. I like the keyboard on this phone better than a touchscreen, even if the screen isn’t quite as big.

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