A Mish Mash

Sorry I’ve been so quiet today! I’ve been busy here at work and have WANTED to post, but haven’t had the opportunity.

American Idol: The two Davids are in. Looking at the show last night, I REALLY REALLY want David Cook to win. He has been consistently good this season, unlike Young David who has been hit or miss AND has sung the EXACT SAME KIND OF SONG EVERY WEEK.

Harris Teeter: It’s triple coupon weekend at Harris Teeter. It starts tonight so I plan on heading out to the store to see what kind of deals I can get. Woo hoo!!!

Free stuff: I love getting free stuff, don’t you? One of the ladies on my mommies forum is giving away a used patio set. It’s not in the best of conditions, but it’s FREE and we don’t have a patio set (and I’d like to have one). It’s a square table and four chairs. No umbrella (but we can pick those up cheap around here). I’ll be picking it up Sunday afternoon.

Blackberry: Scarlet is lovely. Last night I finally got the GPS system up and running. It actually has 3d maps which are VERY accurate. I was very impressed. This is the best upgrade I’ve done by far for cellphones. No more pda AND cell phone. Just cute little Scarlet. I do need to invest in a better protector for it though, because the one that came with it is HORRIBLE and pointless. But I’ll wait til we come back from Disney to do that.

My Survivor Pool: Today the questions from the jury came to a close and I have to say I’m shocked by the venom spewed my way in the game in which I’m one of the finalists. I was very surprised by that. Until I found out that the other person in the final two with me knew several of our game’s players coming into the game. So it’s slightly stacked in her favor. But I’m hoping to get a few votes (I doubt I’ll win, but you never know, I suppose – after all, Parvati won, didn’t she?).

Weight Loss: I’m down another half pound this morning. ‘Nuff said.

Home building: No, we’re not building a home anytime soon. However, a couple weeks ago I did a paid post about a homebuilding company who builds in NC/SC. Turns out – they have offices in Charlotte. After looking through their floorplans I found one that I really liked and showed it to Denis – he likes it too. There were only two changes we’d make to the floorplan but they are significant changes, so today I went to the website and used their chat function to talk to a rep. Turns out, they have auto-CAD specialists in every office location so that if people want to make structural changes they can. So yes, we can expand that room. We can bump out that wall. We can add a wraparound porch. And not only that, but I was able to find a guy online who just finished building with this homebuilder a few months ago and he was kind enough to fax me a copy of the custom price list used for his build. He sent 14 pages of a 46 page document, and from that alone I could see that this house could EASILY be built within our budget. We may not be able to get top-of-the-line things across the board, but that can always come later. The point is the FLOORPLAN is divine and both Denis and I like it a lot. Here’s the link, but be warned – this is to a PDF file and might lock up your computer (it locks up my home computer somethin’ awful): The Broadmoor. If PDF doesn’t work at all – click into the post below for some pictures of the floorplan and elevation:

First Floor

My Signature

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  1. Denis – I’ve had issues trying to open it on our home computer, and Amy had problems opening the link as well, so I figured I’d go ahead and provide a couple pictures for those not running computers on fast lines.

  2. Marmie – it is actually QUITE different from what we have now.

    Tomorrow I’ll make a longer post about the changes we would make to get the house to work for us, but it most definitely is an improvement on the layout that we have now.

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