A Mish Mash Post b/c I’m Tired

I was up from 1:15 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. last night. Don’t ask why – I’m not telling. But suffice to say I’ve learned my lesson about not taking my medical study medication for a few days and then going back to full dosage. I’ll never skip a dose again. Hopefully.

On Hell’s Kitchen: I’m sad Petrozza lost, but not surprised Christina won. Christina is young and malleable which makes her the perfect candidate for Gordon Ramsay to teach her everything he knows. I read his autobiography and he stressed that with each restaurant he opened – he always picked young, fresh, vibrant chefs that were teachable at the same time.

On Wipeout: I still love this show. Last night I rewound the Tivo several times – not because of what the contestants were doing but because of John Henson’s awesome commentary.

On the rain yesterday: Lots of power outages in our metro area, but we were spared. We also had no flooding (yay for being on a slab foundation!). And the best news was that our fireplace didn’t have running water, which it had in the past. Looks like the chimney cap and patchwork that our handyman did was just the ticket.

On the house: We’re going to put storm doors on the front door and back patio door. The front door is open to the elements and always gets soaked when it rains. A glass storm door will alleviate that. And on the back patio door I’d love to have a screen door so we can keep that door open in cool weather. And if the storm door on the front door has a screen we can get some great cross-ventilation by opening both doors in spring or fall.

Man I’m tired. I’d post more, but my brain won’t function at top speed. I keep yawning and there’s nothing more I’d like to do than put my head on my desk and fall asleep.

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  1. Dad – that’s one that had me rewinding my Tivo. That, ridiculously good-looking Neil and “Where’s the platform?”

    My Tivo missed the second week (if there was one) and for some reason my season pass manager, which it is selected to record, made me go in and demand that it record it even though it was on a season pass…. very odd.

    I have only watched the first week and will go home tonight to catch up on any that I have missed since. (if they recoreded at all). Last night was Netflix night so I had to catch up on that watching… Which may I add…. I watched “Charlie Bartlett” Great fun, cute film that I think you would enjoy Jaynee.. I forget who the kid actor is but I see a Young Kevin Bacon in him. He is going to be an Oscar winner, I just know it. I think he has a russian name and is in the next Star Trek movie… but oh is it killing me I can’t remember his name. Grrr

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