A Miscellaneous Post in lieu of Facebook

Another "I’m not on Facebook" post.

Over the past couple of days I realized that there are little things taking place that I would normally put on Facebook, but can’t. They aren’t hugely important things, but still things I’d consider sharing.

20141104_195145For instance, last night the dogs were on the sofa together. Of sure, they will often both be on the sofa, but at opposite ends, facing away from each other. They get along, but they aren’t best pals (no one can be best pals with cranky old Chilly), and so they tend to not take naps together or anything like that. So imagine my surprise when Chilly jumped up on the sofa and laid down right in front of Dobby. Even Dobby was a bit freaked out, waiting for some sort of caustic "you’re in my way" snarl to come from his cohort. But nope. It was such a moment that Denis and I both whipped out our phones and took pictures. He uploaded his to Facebook. I did not.

20141104_190425For dinner last night we made ebelskivers, which is a Danish pancake. We had a similar foodstuff when we went to Amsterdam in 1999, but there they are called poffertjes. They are delicious. So we whipped up a batch. Denis uploaded a pic to Facebook – I did not. Denis mocked me, saying, "You should upload a picture to Facebook to show Anne (our friend that lives in Holland) – oh wait, you CAN’T!"

On Sunday we had a special guest at our church service, the wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini. She spoke for about 20 minutes on her husband’s imprisonment in Iran, about the amazing things he is doing there despite constant persecution, and asked for prayers as she continues working for his freedom. In my Facebook world I would have immediately posted about her visiting our church.

We had the pediment on our front door replaced yesterday. The new one is NOT wood and therefore we should have no more issues with wood root. It looks great – in a Facebook world I’d have taken a quick pic and uploaded it. Nope.

The kids didn’t have school yesterday so I was home with them for part of the day. CootieGirl has a new obsession with learning how to bake/cook, and so yesterday I supervised and gave hints while she made Snickerdoodle cookies. She was very pleased with her results but I noticed that she was more interested in the DOUGH than she was in the final product. *lol* Like mother, like daughter.

A couple days ago I went on a mission to find a record album (yep) from the 1980s that I loved when I was in 8th grade. For eighth grade I went to a private Christian school where you taught yourself. You read that right. I had no teachers, and would work through workbooks and take tests at my own pace. I would race through my work so that I could be done by noon, and then would alternate between going into the media room to listen to my favorite Christian records, or going to the lower learning center (the school was K-12) and teaching the first graders to read. There was one record at school that I listened to all the time, and I used to have a cassette tape of it, but have no idea where it ended up. Alas, I’ve searched all over the internet and can’t find it. So I hopped on the musical group’s webpage (they are STILL around) and emailed to find out if it is still available somewhere. And yes, I completely consider my 8th grade as the main culprit for my significant decrease in school grades once I moved to Virginia and began attending a real school again. I didn’t learn ANYTHING in the 8th grade – but I had a blast!

My work review is coming up soon. I did my self-eval (which I hate doing) and turned it in on Monday. My 5-year work anniversary is on November 9. Hard to believe I’ve been here five years. And despite knowing that I do good work and am very much appreciated here, I dread annual reviews. But I know everyone does – I’m not alone in that. But I miss the days at the investment bank where I worked in NYC where they would just give you your annual raise and say, "Thanks." No reviews. Those were the days…

I think that’s it for now. You might end up with a lot of these random miscellaneous posts throughout the month as I do a catch-all of things I normally would have posted on Facebook.

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  1. Not sure if you ever got around to reading that Momastery blog post I gave to you, but it was such a revelation how much I had lived to post things on FB. Not to brag, not to overshare, it had just become a way of life. I was literally thinking “in statuses” constantly and every picture I took had to be post-worthy. I do find I’m much more present for my kids now (I used to neglect them horribly always looking at my phone), and I am often physically away from my phone on a diff floor in the house without missing it.

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