A Lot Done Today

I got a lot done today despite having a sickie in the house – fortunately long naps were in order and so I knocked quite a few things of my “immediate goals” list – that’s always a nice thing. It was a nice productive day all things considered.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle a couple other things and then on Sunday I’ll probably go to Home Depot and rent a steam cleaner and do the upstairs and attic (the only places with carpeting in our house). Considering all the dust that was called up during today’s mission I feel like the house is covered in it now!

Tomorrow night is the night that Denis, Ace, Anthony and I are going to see Kathy Griffin perform live. It was one of my Christmas gifts from Denis – he knows how much I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow night!

Sunday night our church is doing a karaoke night in honor of our small groups – it’s a way to meet folks and sign up for new groups. Our group was really large, and so I made the executive decision to disband so that Denis and I can sign up with another group. There are two that are interesting to me – one that is for those who want to lose weight through spiritual growth, and another focused on couples and their communication. It all depends on what nights they meet since three of my weeknights already are booked every single week (Synergy, band rehearsal and hanging with Ace/Anthony). Just writing that makes me feel a little over-extended.

Well, Denis should be home soon with the little one – I hope he had a good day (CootieBoy, I mean). We have been having the daycare give him rice cereal all this week and his mood seems better. Next week we’ll give him oatmeal and see how he fares with that. If all goes well CootieBoy will be getting rice at daycare and oatmeal with us at night so that he sleeps really well. We’re anxious to get him in the crib in CootieGirl’s room since he’s pretty much busting out of the bassinet at this point.

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