A Long Day

It’s hard to imagine that I have three more days of solid activity before I can finally relax on my vacation and possibly 1) go out to dinner, 2) see a movie and 3) take a nap.

Today was the Christmas celebration by my dad’s side of the family. Always a fun night, tonight was made especially fun by the fact that we had three babies in the mix – we haven’t had toddlers or infants since my four cousins (one of whom is now married and with her own 3-month-old) were born within a few years of each other.

CootieGirl was in her element – determined to entertain everyone. She escape with nary a scratch (although towards the end she WAS rather tired and prone to falling, tripping or faceplanting into a large box. CootieBoy was also on his best behavior, considering he was in competition with his second cousin Natalie, who was also on her best behavior. Until she tossed up an entire 6 ounce bottle of formula on her grandfather. At that point CootieBoy knew he was in the clear to behave any way he wanted. Fortunately, he aired on the side of caution and laid low.

The food was great and the gift swap fun if only because CootieGirl insisted on throwing everyone’s trash away for them and then proceeded to “perform” for us for about an hour (whether she was dancing with her Boohbah toy or using her new toy broom that she got).

We drew next year’s names and I’ll be posting those here sometime soon so that if my sister loses the list (as she has been prone to do) we’ll have a record of who has to get gifties for whom. For the record, I have Jack’s name for next year.

And tomorrow it begins all over again – up early with the kiddoes, entertain them as much as possible, maybe watch a movie when they are napping, and then head to the Christmas Eve service at my parent’s new church. Then it’s home to hang for a while. I don’t know if we’ll be opening gifts on Christmas Eve or not – CootieGirl doesn’t know about Santa yet, so I don’t know if there’s a need to wait until Christmas morning. Next year I’m sure she’ll know about Santa, which would mean we’d have to start opening on Christmas mornings.

I’m out – I’m very tired and in need of sleep. More later!

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