A Loaner

So Denis turned in our new Toyota Sienna for servicing this morning. He noticed a sound a couple weeks ago but didn’t call Toyota to ask about bringing it in. Then *I* heard the sound from our living room window this past weekend as Denis was pulling out of the driveway and told him to definitely call the dealership.

Turns out it’s a power steering rack problem and requires that the van stay at the shop overnight while they wait for a part. Thankfully it’s all under warranty since we only just bought it, and they also gave us a loaner to use in the meantime.

Why do I picture a grimy 1985 Toyota hatchback as the loaner car? I know that’s not the case, but “loaner” just sounds so…in need of repair!

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  1. We had a loaner while our VW Eurovan was outfitted for Lojack – an older Ford Taurus, if I remember. Not a jalopy, but definitely from the wrong side of town.

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