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Haven’t checked in lately on my tv watchin’, so I thought I’d start our day with some commentary.

Big Brother: *CONTAINS SPOILERS* What cracked me up most about Jase’s interview last night was when Holly showed up – he so obviously didn’t want her to be there and you KNOW his first thought was, “Wow, she really IS annoying.” Glad Adria got HOH – she’ll probably put up Cowboy and Marvin, with Marvin going home unless he wins immunity, no I mean veto (wrong show). They’ll keep Cowboy there just because he doesn’t ruffle feathers – but he’ll go after Marvin.

Last Comic Standing: *CONTAINS SPOILERS* YAY YAY YAY! I voted three times for John Heffron, and it looks like everyone else did too. I’m SO thrilled that he won – he deserves it as he has been one of the funnier ones since day one.

The Amazing Race 5: Mirna NEEDS to go home. Nuff said.

Olympics: I can’t wait for the opening ceremonies tonight. Denis, on the other hand, begs me to go into labor tonight so he won’t have to sit through it.

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  1. BB5: I was cracking up at Jase’s clear “I can’t get away fast enough” body language when Holly was snuggling up to him. Heh.

    TAR5: Yeah, but she’s fun to complain about. I can’t wait to see what Her Highness has to whine about this week and what derogatory name she’ll come up with for Colin.

    Olympics: I’m a bit meh about the whole thing, but I’ll be tuning in for the opening ceremonies. If it’s boring then I’ll watch a movie.

  2. BB5: I disagree with who I think is going on the “block” this week. My guess is that its Cowboy and Karen.. with Karen being the one to get the boot.

    I don’t think she is liked that much and everyone thinks she is Fruit Bowl.

    I myself love Marvin and hope he makes it to the final 4.

    TAR5: If Mirna goes, then that would mean that Charla would go. How sad is that. I love Charla.

  3. Karen = Fruit Bowl – hilarious and oh, so true. I like Marvin too. I’d like to see Diane go – she’s served her purpose and she’s starting to annoy me a bit.

  4. Jen: With “A” winning immunity this week, she would be smart if she pulled the same stunt Nikomus did last week. This way she may be able to get rid of Diane. I agree, I think she needs to go.

    My Dream Final Four:
    Nikomus (probably wont happen)
    A Twin….

    with Marvin winning it all!