A Little Too Spike-Obsessed?

Last night I dreamt about Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Well, not Spike specifically, but actually the actor, James Marsters. Let me preface this entry by saying he’s hot.

He’s hot.

So anyway, my dream was of the apocolyptic variety – end of the world, earthquakes, yadda yadda yadda. For the first time in a long time my husband was actually mentioned my dream (he’s usually not anywhere to be found in my REM world). I don’t remember much dialogue from the dream (bummer), and I really only remember particular scenes.

1. I came into work and undressed at my desk, then headed into the staff bathroom to take a shower. As I was enjoying the nice hot shower there was an earthquake, and five or six people came rushing into the bathroom seeking safety (how they can find safety in a 29th floor corporate bathroom I have no idea, but it’s my dream, so I’m sticking with it). I pull out my cellphone (yes, while I’m still enjoying my shower) and call Denis’ office. The person that answers says they don’t know where Denis is at the moment, would I like him to call back. I’m pissed that he’s not at his desk trying to call me to make sure I’m okay (in REM world, it’s all about me).

2. Cut to: I’m now dressed and walking outside in a park (Central Park?) and I’m trying to find Cooper the Dog. Magically he appears – surprisingly well trained – and begins walking next to me with little encouragement. I am happy to see Ginger the Cat sticking close to him, trotting alongside us in full faith of our safety. Reality side note: I love that damn cat so much I can’t even stand it.

3. Cut to: I’ve made it to some bus that I board (along with CtD and GtC), anxious to find Denis. All of a sudden I look to my left and Mare-Bear is sitting next to me, with Mr. James Marsters sitting on her lap. I’ve no idea why, but I was intensely jealous. Anyway, James is wearing some baseball cap one size too large for his head, and has a goofy grin on his face and he looks at me. There is some confusion on the bus – apparently we are all supposed to take a list of items that we need to find, and go with partners to find them all. James is one of the first to grab a list, anxious to get started. I sit there nervously, hoping he’ll pick me to be his partner (Mare-Bear be damned). Sure enough, he looks to me and says, “Ready?” My heart grows three times it’s size as I nod and stand up to join him. Then it shrinks a bit as he turns to Mare-Bear and asks her to come too.

I just know the bitca is gonna steal my man.

And then I wake up. Snug and warm in my bed, surrounded by husband, kitties and pooch, ready for a new day.

James Marsters is hot.

Thank you.

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  1. My pole would have to be at least twice as long as yours. Probably three times as long. And I’d have to be awfully drunk, too.

  2. I came in to comment totally laughing out loud at what a FREAK you are…and your FREAKY dreams…

    …then I read Denis’ comment and it’s too much!


  3. I’m always up for a cheap laugh. Glad you could enjoy. My pole swings one way — and that’s in Jaynee’s direction.

  4. Oh, dear! *shocked*

    *LOL* And you deleted Kirby’s earlier postings…his comments were tame compared to this dialogue!

  5. Kirby’s comments were much worse than anything I’ve written. His comments were blatant curses, mine are innuendo. You know what they say, when marriage comes innuendo, sex goes out the door.

  6. And what happened then?

    Well, in Who-ville, they say

    That the Grinch’s small heart

    Grew three sizes that day!

  7. My sweet, sweetie. I finally read the article that created this fuss.

    Now, how come I don’t really show up in your dream, but am actually missing from your dream world, where everyone and everything is all around you? Mare-bear, cats, dogs, celebrities? Even a guy I don’t even work with gets a line in your dream. Me, squat!

  8. D, I have no idea why you never appear in my dreams…that’s a valid question. But at least I TRIED to get you on the phone in this one – usually you aren’t even a blip on the radar in my dreams…

  9. Skinny, bleached vamps and “poles” measured in yardage aside, did you see the Simpsons on Sunday? Bart’s chalkboard punishment this week was something to the effect of: “I will not tell Millhouse that he tested cootie positive.”

    It made me think of you. You can now return to your filthy dreams that you seem to remember so vividly. Too vividly if you ask me 😉

  10. we want to just say that we are insane we know pretty much everything you can know about spike, dru…well basically everything about “buffy” well not actually buffy just the program and all the characters but her….
    because we hate her and i want to torture her i so that my pet (dru) can watch and enjoy the moment of my forth slayer to die.

    Spike and Drusilla

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