A Little Nervous

I have to admit that this morning when I heard about the bomb blasts in London I almost didn’t come into work. I said to Denis, “Who’s to say that the terrorists didn’t lay groundwork in Paris, London, New York and Madrid with the plan to bomb whichever city won the Olympics?”

My next thought, which I didn’t voice this morning, was, “And what’s to stop them from going ahead and bombing all of the cities?”

At that point the idea of getting on a bus and heading straight into the Lincoln Tunnel did not thrill me, especially when I only have two more weeks of work in Manhattan before I’m safely commuting in New Jersey.

As I left the house I got a kiss from my husband and my kids and said a quick prayer as I boarded my bus a few minutes later. The ride in to work was uneventful and I’m thankful that nothing happened.

Morbid, sure – but note to Denis. We NEED to meet with a lawyer to get our wills done. Seriously. Call the guy today and see if we can meet with him tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Know that the first thing I did this morning when I heard the news was the pray for your safety (and the safety of us all today) on your commute into The City.

  2. We can bet Tom’s first client if you like. I think he may have taken his bar exam by now. I’ll call him to check. I’ll also call the lawyer to find out about having our wills made out.

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