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So I have mere moments to share some Savannah stories. And of course, I can’t remember any off the top of my head other than The Warehouse is a FUN FUN bar to hang out in. And if you go there, ask for Alanda – she’s a great waitress (we tried to get her picture but she wasn’t working when we went back a couple days later. Her Oatmeal Cookie shots were divine.

Some highlights: finding a store chock full of Fiestaware and chatting with the store owner. He was an older gentleman named Frank with a definite opinion on how the latest Fiesta club is being run. He made me laugh because it was definitely an old man’s opinion. And I made someone else in the store laugh by saying “fuggetaboudit” in a loud voice. Apparently my NJ accent (such as it is) was humorous to a tourist standing nearby.

Another not-so-highlight: we were surrounded by high school kids all weekend. Apparently we chose to be in Savannah the same weekend as the Georgia All-State High School Chorus. Who knew? Not us – otherwise I wouldn’t have planned to travel to Savannah until next weekend.

Highlight: the Savannah College of Art and Design sponsored the Sidewalk Arts Festival in which former, current and prospective students were encouraged to draw in the sidewalks in Forsyth Park. We took many pictures and I hope to post them tonight or tomorrow. We saw some amazing art that day.

Not-so-highlight: Hilton Head Island. Apparently if you don’t like golf you won’t like this island much. Can it cater ANYmore to middleaged men in search of the perfect putt and their ladies-who-lunch wives with the perfect coif? Note to self: remind mom and dad to consider HHI as a place to retire.

More to come!

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