A Job Do-Over?

When I worked for the investment bank in NYC several years ago, I had the opportunity to provide backup IT support when our main IT guy was out of the office. It wasn’t terribly interesting work – but I enjoyed the technical side of IT the little bit that I worked on it. Alas, I stuck with being a secretary and never delved fully into an IT position.

I’m wondering if I made a mistake! When companies offer Cisco certification to help you be your best and enhance your skills, it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t attempt a switch in professional fields.

When I visit job boards (purely to see what’s out there), I see TONS of IT jobs available. And for good money too. That coulda been me! I’m sure if I had taken the time to be more involved with the IT work at the investment bank I could have left for a true IT position instead of a word processing gig when I quit that job. And knowing that company, I’m sure they would have let me get additional IT training if I had shown interest at the time.

While I don’t plan on leaving my job anytime soon, I am techy enough that if the cost isn’t too much I may consider trying to get an IT certification down the road and see where it leads me. Based on the ads I see online, it would be that hard to get a job.

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