A Happy Halloween

The kids had a great time trick or treating last night. We had a slight hiccup when CootieGirl lost the hairnet that was supposed to keep her hair tucked inside the Princess Leia wig, but she didn’t care. She DID care, however, that I attempted to make her wear regular clothes under her dress – she protested, but obviously Mom won the night and she wore a white turtleneck and her white yoga pants (which I’m sure she was happy about at the end because it was COLD last night).

CootieBoy wore his Indiana Jones costume, as planned. He, too, wore clothes under the costume to keep warm. We stuck to the same few streets we normally do. I headed out first and did one side, then we circled back and Denis took the other half of the neighborhood while I took over candy-dispensing duties. CB didn’t want to do the other half the neighborhood so he stayed with me and had fun see all the costumes and giving candy. The girls who came by the house took turns telling CB how cute he was, which was probably his favorite part of the night. *lol*

In the end we gave away about 75% of our candy (which was a LOT), and the kids got to stay up late. Good time had by all.

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