A Good Weekend

Denis and I had a fun weekend. Denis did a LOT of baking this weekend in preparation for our party on December 7. He made 3-4 different kinds of cookies (I only made one batch this weekend). Despite the heavy kitchen time we also manage to rent a couple movies from Blockbuster, go out to dinner on Saturday night, do laundry, rake leaves, and various other stuff.

Thankfully, this is a short work-week for both of us. Thursday and Friday are both holidays for us. YAY! I told Denis this morning that this is the last week of calm before a two or three week blitz of activity. It all starts this Friday when we have an ob/gyn appointment, a vet appointment, a house cleaning service, and finally we have to decorate the house for Christmas. Major work weekend coming up!

The best part of the weekend was spending mucho hours in front of the tv watching the extended DVD of Lord of the Rings. An early Christmas present from Mare-Bear, I watched the full movie, then the full movie with cast commentary, then a bunch of the documentaries. It was heavenly.

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  1. Alas, Jhames, I know Denis will deny this, but he has expressed his lack of desire to make a pie for the annual bake-off this year. I predict he will now post and decry my comment, stating that I am lying and putting words in his mouth. You watch – it’ll happen.

  2. Not only will it happen, but didn’t you say okay when I told you yesterday I might be willing to bake a pie for you to bring in to work?

  3. Maybe tonight. I’ll try. If I make my own crust, it’s going to take a while, because that has to refrigerate for at least an hour. Plus, it’s looking like I might have to stay late at work. Hopefully, not too late.

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