A Good Point

Robert is absolutely right. I hope that we can all take this into consideration come Wednesday morning and do the right thing.

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  1. If Bush had won the last election reasonably fair, reasonably square, he would have been my president, but he stole the election. I can’t live with that. If he wins fair and square this time, so be it. The American public will have to live with its unfortunate mistake.

  2. But Denis, that’s Robert’s point (and mine by agreeing with him). GWB IS your President – regardless of the election problems in 2000. And you need to support him, whether you disagree with him or not. Just like if Kerry wins by only 1%, I’ll support him as my President, even if I disagree with him and voted against him. But I won’t sport anti-Kerry bumper stickers or go on with anti-Kerry rhetoric on this website. And I would hope the same if GWB wins, even if it’s just by 1% or 1 electoral college vote.

    And he didn’t steal the election last time – he DID win it fair and square. And don’t start in with your whole “electoral college sucks” crap either, Denis. You never had a problem with it before, you only have it now because you are anti-GWB. I bet if Kerry wins by 1 electoral vote you won’t be shouting “shut down the electoral college” then, will you?

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