A Good Day

Today was a fun day. At 9:30 our sitter showed up and once we got her well installed with CootieGirl we headed out with Ace and Anthony to the Palisades Mall to see “Batman Begins”. I’m not a big fan of malls (I think the last time I went was 2 1/2 years ago when we went to Sears to buy a new lawnmower), so it was weird to walk around this mall waiting for the movie. We managed to kill an hour though, and then raced back to the theater to get good seats.

I haven’t seen an IMAX movie in a long time, but we picked a good one to see. The screen was so large that I could actually see a hair coming out of Crane’s chin in one scene (it was very distracting because it was so HUGE).

Now, let’s talk about Crane. Because, hubba hubba. Played by Cillian Murphy, during the whole movie I kept thinking where have I seen him? I just looked him up – I recognize him from “Cold Mountain”, “28 Days Later” and “Girl With a Pearl Earring”. Quite the hottie.

The movie was good – but then most everyone knows that by now since the movie has been out for three weeks.

Once home we chilled with the kiddies for most of the afternoon and then I took CootieGirl to the neighbor’s pool for a while. The pool was downright WARM. It was like sinking into butter, the temperature was so perfect. Denis put CootieBoy in his suit and brought him over and as always he had a blast as well. And yes, I dunked him again, and once again he took it well once the initial shock wore off. He loves water, that one.

The kiddies are now in bed (although CootieGirl is still awake and playing in her bed). Denis just went to the office to do a flyer for an open house he’s hosting tomorrow. And I’m about to go watch one of my Netflix movies.


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